Thursday, August 13, 2015

Flattery is the Best Form of Flattery

One of the first pieces of advice I was given when I started my photography business, or at least the piece that stood out to me the most, was to make sure you're flattering your clients. 

What I found out pretty quickly was how easy and natural it was for me. And, even better than that, the amazing impact it had on my clients! Even the less confident ones. If you tell someone they're beautiful they will believe you. When my clients first arrive I make sure I compliment them. Again, it was pretty easy and natural for me, and it very quickly became something I did without even thinking about it. "I love your hair, your outfits are so cute, I love your necklace." Everyone is trying their best to look their best, so make sure they know they do! And, don't stop there. 

Once you start shooting make sure you're telling them how good they're doing! "That was perfect, keep going, you're doing great, you're gonna love this!" Sometimes they may not be, and that's okay. This is where this second piece of advice comes in really handy...always keep moving. If something isn't working change things up as quickly as you can. Not feeling that pose, change it, that light is too harsh, move it. Your clients never have to know it, and they shouldn't. Just remain positive, complimentary, and always keep things moving along. A big part of being a photographer is being able to think on your toes, go with the flow, and being able to improvise when necessary. 

I'd love to hear your best pieces of advice! What did someone tell you that really helped your business? What advice would you give someone just starting out?!



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