Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My Baby Turned Six

I really didn't want him to do that. Why does six seem so much older than five?!?! It's like all the traces of him ever being a baby are gone. Well, except, he still has all his baby teeth. I am secretly pleased about this. He, however, is not. He wants money from the tooth fairy, and I want him to keep his baby teeth forever. Okay, not really. But, I am honestly really struggling with him getting older. Like, really, really. I did however try my best to ensure birthday fun was had! I made these super cute treats for him to take to school!
So, if I'm being really honest. These types of things don't happen much around here anymore. It took me over four hours to put all of them together. That is a lot of time, and quite frankly, I wanted mother of the year for it. But, I digress. The children's five minutes of happiness (which if you multiply that times 28 children makes 140 minutes of happiness :) was totally worth it!

We invited the neighborhood kids over for cupcakes after school! As excited as he was he got a little shy when we started singing. I sure do super duper love him!
Lastly, I just wanted to share this picture his daddy took of him before the kindergarten music concert. It is such a joy to see your children do things they love, and this boy loves to "be on stage and sing." His face on stage was absolutely priceless. We always joke that they put the cute Calhoun boys front and center (even if it is just for logistics you guys can let us have this one, right? :).
Happy Hump Day!

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