Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Featured in Cincinnati Magazine

My very own Fly Little Guy was in Cincinnati Magazine!!! We are very proud of, and excited for Jace! He's the one in the middle wearing red and blue!
He actually shot this back in February so we've been waiting patiently for it to come out!
Jace isn't super into sports like his brother. Though he's pretty athletic, it's just not his thing. So, we wanted to find an outlet for Jace, something he would enjoy, but would also have to put in hard work and dedication. We asked him if modeling was something he'd be interested in and he said yes. I talked to a client friend whose children model/act and researched talent agencies based on her advice. I was really nervous, but we found a pretty good fit quickly. We were very excited when they brought him onto Heyman Talent Agency. I tried my best to explain that it could be hard and sometimes grueling hours and he would have to be on his best behavior, not always an easy task for a little boy with ADHD. He said he understood, and, much to my dismay, he was very well behaved. It was as if he was in his element. Perhaps it's all the years he's spent practicing with his mom. Here are a few behind the scenes photos I took with my phone.


leahbradyphotography said...

WHAT?!?!?!? This is soooooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!!! Welcome to Cincy alright!

Erika said...

So cool Lori! Love it!! Congrats Jace!