Monday, January 6, 2014

Snow Play

Last week I Facebooked that instead of working I spent the day playing in the snow, and, now I have the pictures to prove it! I'd also like to state for the record that it is -2 (-23 with wind chill) out today. So, I'm cozied up on my couch by the fireplace blogging!

Behind our neighbors house is a hill perfect for sledding!
Snow ball fight!

And a little snowball taste test. I thought it tasted like dirt...
A few headshots!
And, pics of our friends!

After sledding, we built a snowman! These were all taken with my iPhone and posted to instagram! What? You don't follow me on instagram?!?! Gasp...get on over there and hit that follow button (wink)!
And, lastly, the best part of playing in the snow, warming up by the fire! And, there was hot chocolate with marshmallows to boot!
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