Friday, August 2, 2013

Dating Your Spouse

I just feel like I should preface this post with a big fat MY MARRIAGE ISN'T PERFECT just in case anyone thought for a second that maybe it was. I without a doubt think marriage is the hardest thing. EVER. But, that's another post entirely (wink). One thing that I can say about my marriage (like most others), it is a lot of work. It's a lot of compromise, understanding, love, patience,  and forgiving, I'm sorry, and so on. One thing we've found to be helpful, almost more than anything else, is a regular date night. Or date day, brunch, couch night, whatever we can squeeze in. It's seriously one of the easiest things we do to make our marriage better and feel more connected.

I know this isn't brand new information. Some of you are probably going, yeah, duh, we already do that. And, some of you are probably going, yeah, duh, why don't we do that? Both Richard and I have found ourselves in conversations recently when the topic came up. So, I just thought I'd put it out into the universe (in case you needed it too). Dating my spouse is my favorite. Our most favorite activities include eating. We love frequenting our favorite restaurants, or trying new ones. Sometimes. we go shopping together, and, sometimes, we just go to Starbucks. What's your favorite thing to do on date night?!?! Does anyone have any fun dates planned for this weekend?

Happy Friday, and, for heavens sake, go on a date!

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