Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Queen City Radio & Fountain Square

Dan and his wife Camilla were the very first friends we made in Cincinnati, and we just adore them both! The last two Fridays we've had the pleasure of watching Dan play both with his band, Queen City Radio, and acoustically by himself! We took the whole family to Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati to watch the band play, and I brought my camera (wink)! Here's a few fav's!

I'm not sure if there's a picture that sums up my family better?!?!

Tate loves music, and he always goes into a trance when he hears it live! He can't wait until he gets to take guitar lessons (he's been asking us for awhile), but now he says he wants to play the drums too. He played the air drums almost their entire set, and wouldn't look at me for a pic (stinker).
I love this one of Jace in front of the fountain!
Such handsome gentleman.

I almost forgot this one of Jace. Before the show started he asked if he could dance to the background music. I was so surprised that he wanted to in front of all the people, but even more so when he busted out this move!

He has been asking to take hip hop dance for some time, and already has some of his own moves. We've made a deal with him as soon as he can accomplish a few things we'll sign him up! We also went on a carriage ride while we were downtown. It was, ah, very interesting!

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