Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Baby is 5?!?!

Okay, so he turned 5 two and a half months ago. I guess it's time I get with the program and blog all the cute pictures and things he says. This pic is like an all time fave! It happens to be at his 5 year well check where he got 5 shots and didn't cry once.

When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, he'll tell you one of two things...He wants to sing on a stage for people (he really said that).
 Or, be a "picture taker" like mommy! Both of these pic's are from Christmas!

 Here he is on his actual birthday taking cupcakes to preschool!
...and cuddling with mommy!

His favorite drink from Starbucks is a vanilla bean frappuccino, and he loves when they write his name on the cup! "Look mom it's a T for Tate!"

He says he can't wait to grow up so he can do things like the brothers. Mommy wishes he'd stay this little forever and reminds him he'll have plenty of time to be a grown up!
We would crack up when he would talk about moving to "Cincinally." And, we pretty much dubbed it that around the Calhoun household (don't worry he knows it's Cincinnati ;)! He says "staying at the hotel" (The Pointe Squaw Peak) this past weekend was his favorite family vaca!
His favorite wrestler is John Cena and he loves to go around the house shirtless, in jean shorts, singing his theme song! He also practices his moves on the brothers and when he plays WWE on the wii!

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