Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Double Digits

My oldest son turned 10 today!!! T.E.N. That's double digits!!! I couldn't be prouder of the sweet, kind, gentle, personable, smart, funny, athletic young man he's turning into!
He wants to be a professional football player when he grows up!

His favorite drink from Starbucks is a caramel frappuccino!
He says he never wants to grow up because "grown ups do weird stuff." I think he's referring know...taxes.
Today, he took a snack to share at school and made sure everyone had plenty, even if that meant he didn't get any. That's just how he rolls.
His favorite vaca was staying at the resort this past weekend! He loved playing basketball, going down the slide, and cruising down the lazy river.
His favorite wrestler is CM Punk and I often find big X's written on his hand! Seriously, he just walked in here (after I wrote this) and showed me! He was so proud of himself after saving up his allowance and purchasing the WWE game for the Wii all by himself! It was super cute!

Happy birthday to my Jare Bear!

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