Tuesday, December 4, 2012

This & That Tuesday

As I was going through, and cleaning up my files, I found some random photos I had taken of things I liked! These were all done during, before, or after a photo session. Just saw it, liked it, composed, and took it!
This was taken before a photo shoot at the Scottsdale Civic Center. I find it interesting that even with all those big trees around the birds still choose the sign?!
This one was taken during a photo shoot at Marley Park. I loved how the sun was shinning through the tree. Of course, we did a few of the family in front of it too!
These were taken after my sister's senior photo shoot. The moon was so big and low in the sky, and I made my sister drive all around trying to get a good shot.
We got some good ones, but these two are my favorite!

And, I thought I'd add this pretty one from Christine & George's engagement session!

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