Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This & That Tuesday

Have I mentioned before how much I love pinterest? I have? Ah shucks, my bad! In all seriousness, what an amazingly-fun-waster-of-time-totally-dreamy-and-inspiring-tool!

I was telling my husband just last night how it gets a little, I don't know, irritating. Every day, three meals a day, I'm asked "what are we having?" by all three of my children, and, sometimes, hubby too. It gets a little on my nerves. I know this is small and insignificant, believe me, but bare with me, I'm almost to my point. He suggested we have somewhere we can write it out so they don't need to ask. I had seen cute little chalkboards like this one on pinterest just for this sort of thing. But, when was I really going to have time to make one?

Then, this morning, I saw a pin where someone put a piece of vinyl on their pantry door where I like to imagine they write their menus. Just like that, a light bulb went off! I have a cute piece of chalkboard vinyl that I won during the biggest loser. I had been saving it for just the perfect place, and now, I had it! So, thank you pinterest!

And, speaking of pinterst, I was just rearranging some boards and I started to create one just for my clients, or, anyone who needs help/inspiration for displaying their photos! So, check it out! I call it "Stuff for decorating (displaying photos)"