Monday, July 9, 2012

Fourth of July!

This Fourth of July was the best in recent memory...maybe ever. After sleeping in for a spell, hubby and I went to the gym. What started as a sprinkle when we arrived, turned into a downpour with no signs of stopping by the time we left. Since clearly we weren't going to be able to go swimming as planned, we went ahead and made lemonade (hypothetically of course)! We played with the boys in the rain for quite some time. Well, hubby did. It was actually kind cold for me at a cool 73 degrees. Cut this Arizona girl some slack. Anything under 75 is cold. Truth. Here's my favorite instagram pic's!

This one was is my favorite from the day! The boys are playing football! Daddy & Tate Vs. Jaren & Jace. Daddy holds off big brothers while Tate scores! Just a moment in time savored.

This one was actually toward the end when the rain was really just a sprinkle.

Cracking up at hubby as he celebrates a goal!!!

Splashing around! Still pretty wet and dark at this point!

Cold, wet, and done!

After showering off and warming up we grilled, sparkled, and watched fireworks (thankfully the rain cleared up I was a bit nervous) with our good friends The Basultos! Here's just a few more!

We walked over to the greenbelt near our home to watch the fireworks show. It's one of the features we love most about our house! Here are two more fun, festive, yet quite random photos I captured that day! My Fourth of July jewelry!
And, the patriotic pudding!
Hope everyone had a happy and safe fourth!!!

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