Monday, June 25, 2012

Pictures of Food

All of these were taken with my iPhone and with the help of instagram. I love how they turned out! Did you know you could follow me on instagram (@loricalhoun), and I could follow you back of course (wink)?!?! I've been trying to become more creative and think outside the box when taking pictures of food (even if it's just with my iPhone). How things are placed, color, texture, etc. It's a good excuse for me to play with my food (sorry Mom) and it's funny how I start arranging. I get excited about things before I even sink my teeth into them. My husband and children are pretty used to "Hey, don't eat that I have to take a picture!" Sometimes they're all over it, asking, in that tone, you know the one, "Have you taken a picture yet?" Alright, here are some recent faves!

How pretty are these baby eggplants from Amanda (from Amanda's Wedding Design's) garden?
Flavors of Lousiana in Avondale AZ, a place my husband (who's from the south) and I frequent quite often for lunch. We love it, and we love to try the different things they offer on different days of the week. We've had Po' Boys Sandwiches (sausage & shrimp), friend green tomatoes, gumbo (chicken/sausage & seafood), fried pickles, catfish, chicken strips, peach cobbler, coleslaw, and, on this particular, day alligator. It was delish, and yes, I pretty much ate this whole plate (catfish, coleslaw, alligator, and roll). I just worked it into my daily allowance of calorie intake.

This one isn't super special, but defitely worth mentioning. It was my bounty from Bountiful Baskets a few weeks ago! It's a great/cheap way to get your produce from local farmers. It's available in many states. You should definitely check it out! On this particular day I got 3 artichokes, 3 tomatoes, 5 oranges, 3 bell peppers, 8 potatoes, romaine lettuce, cantaloupe, and 2 pineapples! For $15!!!

This one is of my cutie counting his cuties! Because he's a cutie, duh!
S'more mix - made with Golden Grahams, mini marshmallows, and chocolate chips! I first had this a few years ago at a party, and it's just a great, super easy, super good, treat!
And, last, but certainly not least, one of my very favorite lunches to make a la Trader Joe's! It's fancy and open-faced (meaning I just use one piece to save on calories) sourdough bread, a little pesto, a slice of provolone & capicola, and wala!!! Yum!


Erika said...

Ooooh food! Makes me hungry! I need to try Bountiful Baskets, I keep wanting to and I forget. Blast. New goal.

Anne said...

These look so good! You really have an eye for photographing food!