Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The December That Dashed By

In early December, Richard went with Jace on his school field trip to Tolmachoff farms. Here's the "vegetables" of their labor. Get it?
Richard and I celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary.
Andrew Thomas Mechup came to visit. Horrible pic, wonderful memory! The boys were definitely wowed when he snuck their balloons!
Santa Clause came to visit Tate's Preschool and they sang us some cute Christmas Songs. Nana and Papa came to watch too.
We went horseback riding and I didn't forget my camera. But, most of these weren't taken by me. Still glad I have them anyway!
Christmas came and went, and I hardly have any pictures to prove it.
And, lastly, we rung in the new year with deliciousness and sparklers.

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