Friday, February 10, 2012

Dance Dance

After taking a break from dancing last semester, the girls asked if I wanted to dance with them in a competition. I was a little reluctant because I'm really not a very good dancer, and, because, it was a "COMPETITION." Hello?!?! The dance number was super fun and I thought the competition would be too, so I agreed. I had no idea how much (although I knew) I had missed the girls. I practiced my little booty off to learn one of the two dances they performed. It was so much fun, and I try not to dwell on how silly I look when I dance. Plus, to top it all off, WE WON!!! Not only did we win best in our division (adult jazz large group), we also won best overall in our category (overall adult small/large). SAY WHAT?!?! It was so exciting!!! AND, yes there's and AND...We are going to nationals this summer. Can. You. Believe. It? I'm so excited, and it makes me all teary to be a part of something so special. I'm super pumped to learn the other dance and perform in both this summer. Did I mention I was excited?!?!

P.S. Thanks to my best girlfriends who came to watch, and cheer us on. And, a HUGE thank you to my hubby and boys for being so supportive! And, to the girls for letting me be dance with you! XOXO

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