Thursday, September 8, 2011

"Life is Hard Ya'll"

Sometimes, I want to shout it! Because, well, it's true. So, I have a confession. I like to keep a journal. Not in a dear diary sort of way, but in a, I just need a special place to write down feelings, quotes, or scripture, kind of way. I started my first when I was 17.
It mostly has quotes and scriptures that I never wanted to forget. I've come back to it often, but the quote that I remember from it most (without having to refer back) is a favorite.

"The greatest battle of life is fought within the silent chambers of the soul..."

There's more, but the first line is what has stuck with me most. I guess it's because it rings so true in my own life. It also made me realize that I should never, for one second, think it isn't true for others. Some people have to fight their battles where everyone can see, the loss of a loved one, or perhaps an illness, but, most of us fight our battles on the inside. I guess what I'm trying to say is that life is hard...for everyone...It doesn't matter how perfect you may think someones life is; It isn't.
I'm no exception, and I would never pretend to be. But, a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away (sorry, I couldn't resist), I made a choice. At first, I thought maybe it was subconsciously, but, after thinking back, it was most definitely a conscious choice. I chose the kind of person I wanted to be, kind, caring, and happy, to name a few qualities. I'm by no means perfect at any of these things, but I've worked very hard at them. It wasn't something I realized until recently. Sometimes, it's not easy to be kind. Sometimes, it takes a conscious effort to be caring. And, sometimes, it's hard to be happy. Life is hard ya'll. But, I've learned that if we make up our minds who we want to be today, it won't be as hard to be that person tomorrow.

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Ondrea said...

Amen, Lori! This is a great reminder for us all. Thank you for sharing and thank you for being you. I love your blog....