Saturday, August 6, 2011

Book Report: Recipes for a Perfect Marriage

Let me preface this book report by saying this book isn't what it sounds like.
In fact, I probably wouldn't have ever read it (or picked it up), except it was recommended to me, and I apologize because I don't remember by who. Anyhow, the book shares the story of two women and their marriages, or the struggles of their marriages rather. They relate their struggles to difficult recipes, hence the title, and they liken marriage to the delicate nurture needed to get a recipe just right. I really rather enjoyed the book. Although the struggles in my marriage are different, it was easily relatable. I've always been of the opinion that marriage, or any relationship really, is very much like a recipe. It needs a delicate balance of ingredients (love, patience, kindness, etc.) to get it just right. Cause you know...I've got it all figured out (wink).

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