Thursday, August 25, 2011

Antique Challenged

This morning, while waiting in line I heard something I hadn't in a long time. Dial-up. Yes, a dial-up internet connection. I commented to the lady (who was roughly my age) how our children wouldn't even know what that noise was. Then she laughed as I proceeded to tell her how last night my 8 year old picked up an old rotary antique phone in my office and held the receiver upside down. I have the picture to prove it, and, after a few minutes of pleading, he finally agreed to let me put it on facebook.
I told him everybody would leave comments telling him how handsome he was...Come on friends help me out!?!?

Anyway, this is the same phone that my six year old picked up a few months ago, spun the dial and said "look mom I'm texting!" So, I officially dubbed my children "antique-challenged." Get it? Instead of technologically challenged? Yes, I can actually feel myself aging as I type. It feels like deep wrinkles, laugh- lines, and time marching on.


Anonymous said...

That's good and I do agree he is handsome! Merr

nelly said...

Haha antique-challenged. Clever. And not only is he handsome he just oozes coolness. He must have had some good nursery leaders.

Erika said...

Yep that's a good one. I wonder if my kids would know what to do with one. We were telling them about pay phones the other day. That was a strange conversation where I kept thinking, "I am not this old!"

And he is handsome!