Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Random: Haircut, iPhone, the 4th of July, & Facebook

A lot of randomness so bear with me...

First off, I cut about 5-6 inches off my hair. I'm still not quite sure how I feel about it yet. But, after growing it out for 3+ years, I decided it needed to be done, for a number of reasons (too many to name here).
I got an iPhone for my birthday! I wanted to get one earlier in the year, but was patiently waiting for my contract to renew. Then, when it came time, I had many a qualm about spending the money (it literally made me feel sick to my stomach). However, my husband didn't, and I got one anyway. Don't get me wrong, I love it! I think it's "smart," pretty, fun, and smart. I love it! I've already got some great apps. My favorite so far is instagram. It's a quick little editing program for your pictures. It has many cute actions you can run and it crops all of the pictures square. I think it's a really fun, and an easy way to give your camera phone pictures a little something extra. Plus, it's free. There's also Angry Birds, which is a family favorite, and I'm super excited to try the Nike run app (that came with the phone) on my run tomorrow. What are you favorite apps? Please share...

These pictures from the Fourth of July were taken with my iPhone and edited in instagram. I spent a wonderful afternoon with my family. We took the boys swimming at my parents' house, and enjoyed grilled hot dogs, and some yummy macaroni salad my Momma made.
I made baked smores from a recipe I found. I think they were good, but not worth the work. I think from now on we'll stick to the traditional method.
I got the idea to bundle licorice off Pinterest. They used blue paper, but we used these cute Americana scraps I had left over. Hint: It was a good way to stay within the serving size.
We also enjoyed Red, White, & Blue Jello while we waited for fireworks to start (also got the idea off Pinterest). We're lucky to be able to watch them from our loft.

Lastly, I set a goal to reach 400 facebook "likes" by July 10th. So, you know, we're 6 away, and, if you wanted...I would be very appreciative (wink).

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