Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Circus Birthday Party

I must say, I might have had a little more fun with this party than the kids! Let's start with the invite, shall we? I wanted it to have a circus poster look, and, in less then an hour, I came up with this...

We had cotton candy, circus peanuts, circus animal cookies, and the cutest. cake. ever. Done by Katies Cakes.

Seriously, so cute, it deserves a picture all by itself!

We also enjoyed pop corn, hot dogs, and potato chips!

Each of the kids got to make their own circus hats...

Okay, I'm just being honest here, I don't really know what these things are called. But, they're fun none the less.

We also had a very special visitor! There was face painting.

A magic show!

And each of the kids got balloon swords (per their request)!

I had a hard time cutting the cake (it was so pretty), but it was totally worth it. Chocolate cake with Oreo butter cream frosting...HELLO! So, so, good!

Tate was so excited to open his gifts. He hasn't stopped playing with them since. Thanks to everyone who came to party with us!

p.s. Later that night, we had family over for pizza and more pictures of course.


Katie said...

Love the pics of the party! I've tried convincing Garrett to let me do a circus theme for his 3rd birthday but he's stuck on a Monster Jam party.

Erika said...

So so cute. Loved it! Loved the Magic Show and cute cake and the popcorn holders. Wonderful.

Carca said...

that is awesome Lori!!!!

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