Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Rules (Losing Weight Part II)

***I couldn't believe the response I got from part I of my weight loss post. So many who felt the same way, so many who felt inspired, and so many who couldn't wait for part II! I almost feel a little guilty I didn't publish it sooner. I wanted to make sure it was just right before actually hitting that big orange button. While I don't know if it's quite there yet, I thought, I just better do it. The new year is here, and if your like me your probably swearing off the holiday weight, or those last five pesky pounds, or (in my case) both. So, here you have it, losing weight part II.***

We all have them...weird rules we live by. Some of us may not call them that, but that's what they are. I happen to like calling them MY RULES, makes me feel like I have a bit of say. Here, I'll give you a few examples...

  • I never buy plain white clothes (i.e. pants, skirts, shirts, etc., etc.). Why? I'm so glad you asked. Because they get dirty in the amount of time it takes me to walk from my closet to the front door, that's why.

  • Actually, I have another very similar rule, I never buy any solid color shirt unless it has something cute about it (i.e. ruffles, bows, flowers, etc.). Why? I'm so glad you asked. Because plain t-shirts (no matter the color) make me feel blah! Silly? But true.

  • ...and so, similarly, I have MY RULES when it comes to losing weight. I most definitely believe I could fill a book with precisely the information I'm attempting to right in this post, so, here goes nothing.

  • Rule #1- Educate yourself-And by this, I mean two things. First, you might want to read a good book, watch a movie, take a class, or even talk to a professional, say a doctor or nutritionist? Learn the healthy way of eating. Two, educate yourself about the way you're eating now. For a nutrition class I took a couple of semesters ago, we had to do a 3 day diet analysis. We had to keep track of every single thing we ingested for 3 full days. We then entered into a cute little website that spit our nutrition information back out at us. I. Was. Shocked! Not necessarily by how bad I was eating, but by how not good I was eating. That might not make sense, so let me explain. In most cases, I was taking in less then 1-15% of the daily value I needed for important things like vitamins, iron, and minerals. You know, the important stuff. No wonder I was depressed. So, my challenge for Rule #1 is this. Do a diet analysis. There are tons of free websites/apps. Then, get a good book, watch a good movie, or consult with a professional on the way you should be eating.

  • Rule #2- Think like a skinny girl (be your own coach). I know it sounds vain (because it is, and I've never shared this with anybody), but in the beginning, it got me through. Changing 28 years of bad eating habits was REALLY hard. Often when I "thought" I was starving, I reminded myself this was the way skinny girls ate. A more appropriate term might have been healthy girls? Yes, let's go with healthy girls. This was the way healthy girls ate. So, what I'm saying here is you're going to have to coach yourself through the tough times (no pain, no gain). Remind yourself this is a lifestyle change. A friend on Facebook recently shared a quote and I thought it was very fitting. She said "Nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels." I thought I'd add, nothing tastes as good as buying smaller jeans feels.

  • Rule #2- Everything in moderation. I love to eat fruits and vegetables. In fact, I prefer them over most everything else. But, I never deprive myself of sweets or junk food. I just try to enjoy them in moderation. A cookie? Yes, please! 5? No thanks. Taking the kids out for ice cream? I'll have a small please! Jalapeno chips with my sandwich? Maybe just one serving size, not the whole bag. I had to learn that sometimes it's okay to say no (you'll be so proud of yourself when you do), and, sometimes it's okay to say yes.

  • Rule #3- Eat 3 meals a day. My husband, being a 2 meal a day kind of guy, hates this rule. I know I'm not crazy because professionals everywhere agree with this one. Some even say 5-6 meals a day is better. Feeding your body more (healthy obviously) boosts your metabolism...not sure what that means either? Let me tell you what it means for me. The days I eat breakfast I have way more energy, and, by the time dinner comes around, I'm not so hungry. It took me awhile to realize the pattern. But, whenever I skipped breakfast (even if I wasn't hungry and/or had a hardy lunch), I would stuff myself to the brim at dinner (another one of those 28 years of bad habits) without fail. The irony is kind of funny actually...In order to not eat too much, I ate more.

  • Rule #4- Baby steps. No one can get off the couch day one and run a marathon. When I first started to run, I would run from light post to light post, then a few blocks, then a 1/4 of a mile, then a half, and so on, and so forth. Every time I met a new goal, I was elated. It gave me confidence I didn't even know existed. The same with weight loss. My original goal was 10 lbs, and then 15 more, and before I knew it, I had lost 25lbs and 3 pants sizes.

  • Rule #5- Watching my red meat intake. Probably one of the biggest game changers for me. I don't know, I think I was just born that way, and I love(d) it. I probably ate it almost every day, hence the high cholesterol. Now, my red meat intake is less then half of what it used to be. Usually, around once a week, I prefer chicken or fish or no meat at all. Can you believe I, Lori Leigh Calhoun, would even say those words? It's crazy what you can achieve once you put your mind to it.

  • Now, with all that being said, I should mention just a few things. Not everybody is the same, and what's good for the goose isn't always good for the gander. These are just MY RULES, those that were most instrumental in helping me make a lifestyle change. Please also know that, as much as I love my rules, every once in a while I might break them. Actually, if I'm being completely honest, the only one that ever really gets broken is #2. Some days you just need a BIG FAT BROWNIE, or two, or the whole dang pan. What do you want from me? I also think it's about making a lifestyle change. I will be working on this for the rest of my life, and, since my cholesterol is back down in an average range, hopefully, that will be a lot longer!


    Kami said...

    Thanks for posting this. I am trying to be heathier this year and I really needed to read that after eating almost an entire package of cookies yesterday! It has helped motivate me!

    Tanner Fam said...

    I'm glad you clarified the eat like a skinny girl comment...because I've seen skinny girls pack down 2 Whoppers and Fries (me at the age of 18). proud of you and your rules. :)

    Lori said...

    It always catches up with them. Case in!