Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Baby Tate

At least...that's what we used to call him {sigh}. I have a LOT of work to be doing. But, I'm putting it on hold for just a few minutes. I wanted to share my baby with you, and all the cute things he's saying and doing, lest I forget.

He talks like he's forty years old (except for the fact that he has that cute baby lisp). Here's some of the funny things he's said recently.

  • "Dis is serious!" When he doesn't want you to make him laugh.
  • "That's interesting!" In the right context too!
  • He uses the word right to confirm things, like..."I can have dis, right?"
  • The other night I was making dinner and while it was cooking we sat in the kitchen, I was giving him butterfly kisses and he says "now jer other eye" .
  • "Mom, trust me!" I don't remember what I was to be so trusting about because I couldn't stop laughing.
  • The other day he wanted "Chick-fur-leg" for lunch (not to be confused with Chick-fur-la which is what Jace calls it).
  • He likes "chicka burgers" aka cheeseburgers.

He's growing up so fast. He doesn't even wear diapers anymore. Which, I admit is nice, however much it confirms I can't stop him from growing up.

Today, as I laid him down for a nap, I caught myself wondering if this would be our last bout of "I love you more?" Mmmm...I love him so much!

On a completely different note, I apologize to all of those who didn't receive a sneak peek. I just haven't had time for them all. I will, however, try showcase a few different shoots at the end of the week. Thanks for understanding.


Kami said...

I love that picture! So cute!

amanda said...

Soon your baby will be as tall as my "baby" goes way to fast, though I didn't think life went fast when I was their age!!

Erika said...

Aww they grow up way too fast. Love his expression in this!