Friday, July 9, 2010

"UH-UH July 10th is my birthday!"

Because clearly, two people, the same age, who live in a 2 block radius, could never share the same birth date...and so it began. A bond, a love, a (best) friendship.
(Here we are after high school graduation.)

I've shared the last 19 birthday's with my best friend. Well, actually, if you're counting, we've shared the last 29 birthdays, just not in the literal sense. This includes our very first, which, literally, was spent together in St. Joseph's hospital here in Phoenix. I, being much wiser, and older, was born just a whopping six hours earlier. Being the movie quoter that I am, I used to tell her "Face it, girls, I'm older and I have more insurance." All right, I probably never actually said that...out loud anyway.

We often joke that we were twins separated at birth who were reunited at (almost) ten years old. We definitely have the telepathy thing going on. Case in point: About a year or so ago, I was on my morning run, and I thought to myself, self, you need to call Amy and ask her if she has something to tell you. Well, I went on about my day and about half way through she calls and says "Guess what?" I said, "I knew you had something to tell me!" She shared her news of expecting baby #2. We have many a same story, we love to laugh, talk, and cry together. Amy lives over 2000 miles away now, but when we talk or see each other, it's as if she never left.


I'm so excited to go see her in less then two months! Happy Birthday to us!

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Amy Rudy said...

This was the best blog post you've ever written! :) Happy Birthday to us!! :)