Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Twilight Saga Birthday Party!

We took a little (or a lot of) inspiration from here, and had a wonderful time planning, preparing, and decorating for my friend Beth's birthday party. She loves the movies and books as much as me, and with Eclipse coming out soon we knew we couldn't pass up the opportunity. So with out further ado here are the pic's!

Sparkle station. Does it really need an explanation?
We did "We're making italiano for you!" What can I say? It was easy, and fun. Plus you'll love the next one.
Italian soda bar. So fabulous, and delicious! You can't see but the syrups are red and labeled Type A, Type B, Type O.

We downloaded the twilight font, and bought a packet of black and white scrapbook paper to go along with the red, black, and white theme. I love the place settings!

We also framed several quotes, and pictures. We used books, and other knick knacks we had around. It really was fun! I think themed parties are the best, and people should have them more often. I'm just say'n...

For dessert we had these fabulous mini cheesecakes that Amanda M brought. Oh, so yummy.

Here's a picture of everyone after we played a few rounds of twilight themed pokeno.
Thanks to everyone who came, and helped out. It was a really fun night. I also left these images unmarked so you can take them. You'll want to enlarge them by clicking on them before saving them to your computer...and if you left me some hyper link love, I wouldn't be mad at ya:)

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Christine said...

Oh my heck!!!!!!! This looks like the best night ever :)