Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Because...I love metaphors!

I originally started this post on Monday. I had pushed myself an extra mile on my run, and I realized a good run is a lot like life.

  1. You prepare yourself. You wear the proper attire, warm up, stretch, and create a killer play list.
  2. Your mind set. You know it's going to be hard. There are even times you want (and may even) give up. But if you can push through it gets easier, and in the end it' s worth it.
  3. It aches. You get blisters, your cafes burn, your stomach aches, (you may even through up. Not me, I would never do that). Your throat stings, and your heart feels like it might actually pound right out of your chest.
  4. It's an up hill battle. There are twist,turns, hills to climb, and you may even swallow a bug. But you've prepared yourself physically, and mentally...remember?
  5. You need cheerleaders. Or at least people telling you, you can do it. (I have a great cheerleader. I proudly call him my husband. In fact he was the one who encouraged me to run farther. He knew I could do it, and turns out he was right.) Get rid of the haters. There is really no point in having them around.
  6. PLAY LIST. Did I already mention that one? Well...I thought I would again, because everyone needs one. Runner or not. "Music feeds the sole".
Allright, that's all I got. But go ahead and add anymore you can think of in the comments!
p.s. I'm down 7lbs in 8 weeks, and it is officially two weeks until we leave! Ahhh!!! Do you think I can lose 3 more by then? Wait, don't answer that.
p.p.s. Once I reach 200 fans on facebook I'm going to announce an awesome giveaway. To find out more about it become a fan, and invite all your friends!

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Tanner Fam said...

Hmm...let's see:

You determine your pace. (Only you can put one foot in front of the other. You have to act and not be acted upon. Others may run slower or faster, but comparing our own pace with another isn't beneficial. Only our own pace determines the end time..not someone elses'.

Caution: running backwards is uneffective. (We will not see future obstacles if we are focused on what we've already passed. Always run forward with a goal in mind.)

Slow and steady breathing. (Do not run faster than our bodies can handle. If you're stressed and running out of likely won't find the joy in it.)

Safety in numbers. (We are strengthened and less likely to give up if we surround ourselves with motivators. Those who seek to hurt or harm will be dissuaded by knowing we are not alone. **also falls under the category of cheerleaders.

I'm sure I could think of more...but I have to RUN and pick up my kids. (Now, THAT was punny!)