Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I have a new button for my sidebar!!!!

I have played along with i heart faces photo challenges for about the last six or so months. They are super fun, and this time was no exception. Except that...it was way funner! Husband man is going to kill me for using funner! I don't care!

This was the first time I every "challenged" myself. By challenge I mean instead of digging through the archives and finding a photo that fit the theme, I thought about it. I came up with an idea, and when that didn't work I challenged myself to come up with something new. When that still wasn't just what I wanted I worked on perfecting it a bit more. Is that making sense?

Let me give you the summed up version. What originally started out as a lipstick kiss on a child morphed into a lipstick kiss on my hubby's cheek while he looked in the mirror and straightened his tie. Or something like that. I was thrilled when he volunteered to model for me, and I will give him credit where it is due. He helped the image morph. Thanks again honey, I luv you;)

Even though we didn't win we were still thrilled to be featured on their facebook fan page, and to be picked as one of Angie and Amy's favorites. To celebrate we get an Angie and Amy's favorite pick button. Which is pretty cool since there were 654 entries. It was also fun reading all the comments left on the blog, and facebook too.

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