Monday, January 18, 2010

This weekend...

Let me start with a preface. I've always liked original or new things. From art work to travel to food. I love to see, try, and taste new things. I guess it's the adventurous side of me. Why I still love the comfort of familiarity there is a part of me that just likes to step outside of it all. Together me and my husband like to try new unchained (I think I just made that up?) restaurants. We love the show diners, drive-ins, and dives. (Part of are inspiration I'm sure.) We've made it our personal mission to try all the establishments featured on this show here in the valley, and to try as many as we possibly can when we travel too. We have also ventured into learning to cook new and better things for our family as well. About a year ago I took a nutrition class. The thing I learned the most is to not necessarily stay away from the "bad" foods, but to eat much more of the "good" ones. Does that make sense? This was such an easy concept for me, and very helpful in the lose of over 20lbs in early 2009.

Anyhow, this leads me back to my original post. This weekend I
draggedtook my family to a local farmers market. In all honesty I had never been to one, and was mostly just curious as to what we would find. I thought maybe some fresh fruits, and veggies? Well come to find out there is much more than that. There is the fruits and veggies of coarse. But there were all types of local vendors too. From candles, to hummus, to flowers. I really enjoyed looking, taste testing, and all of the insightful information that was shared. Of coarse we didn't walk away empty handed. We purchased some very delicious tamales, and some fresh baked blue/cran berry bread.

With our purchase we also received a free copy of the movie Food, Inc. Which was funny because I told my husband earlier in the week that I wanted to watch it. So...I did. I wont go into a lot of details about it but I will tell you this. I really liked the overall theme. I will try to sum it up to the best of my abilities.

  • Buy local (or from farmers market). I really enjoy the idea of this, and I'm going to definitely try harder. We have a local co-op that we have participated in, and want to take advantage of more often.
  • Buy produce when it is in season. I will be the first to admit I'm not very educated on this subject. But I've already found numerous websites to help. I particularly like this one. Plus when buying local you don't really have a choice.
  • Educate yourself, and your children about where your food comes from. It couldn't hurt right?
  • Plant a garden. I have wanted to do this for so long. Growing up my grandparents whole back yard (yes, the whole thing) was one big garden. For much of my teen years my mother had her own garden as well. I'm hoping she will teach me a thing or two.
  • Then the mother of them all...try to eat less meat. Wowser! The website challenges everyone to have one meat free day a week. I honestly think this will be a "challenge" for my family. But I am mostly curious to see the results. So wish us luck!
I feel like I just received a jump start on changing the way my family and I eat. Hopefully it won't be short lived, and I will have pictures to share too.

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