Friday, January 1, 2010

NewYears Day 2010

I can not believe it is 2010! I remember new years eve 1999 like it was yesterday. Sometimes I wish it still was. This year will be the best year ever! Or at least I'll try.

***Updated with a short story.***
This picture was taken recently by my husband. He was trying to teach me how to pose of all things. Instead he had me laughing so hard, I started to cry.

Without further ado my new years resolutions...

Laugh till I cry. A lot more.

Book 5 weddings

Attend 2 photography workshops.

Run 3-4 times a week.

Loose that last 10lbs + 5 holiday lbs.

Finally run a 5K.

Return back and finish school.

Turn 29.

Travel to two new places with my family.

Blog 5 days a week.

Turn my old blog into a book.

Use my camera at least once every day.

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