Tuesday, October 20, 2009

White Tank Camping Trip

Two weekends ago we took a little camping trip. Just to the White Tanks near our home. I've lived in Arizona my whole life, and have never camped in the desert. We usually go up North for things like that. It was so nice to get away. I needed the break probably more than anybody. I've kept my little self busy these days. If I'm not out photographing, then I'm doing all I can to try and better my photography. That is between my "normal" motherly duties of coarse. I only picked up the camera a couple of times, and so I'd like to share.
white tanks
You may remember this photograph. My boys thought it was awesome they could just go to the bathroom almost anywhere. I'm not gonna lie, that might actually be nice.
white tank camping
This was on one of our walks back from the playground. Yes, playground. The White Tanks camping grounds are really (at least I thought so) nice. Each space has a fire pit, picnic table, grill, and water spicket. There is lots of trails, and of coarse a playground. Kind of nice, ah?

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