Friday, October 30, 2009

Sneak Peak - Stevenson

When we first talked of doing pictures Mrs.S said it was usually an awful experience for her family. Somebody usually had a melt down, or it was to hot, etc. I told her not to worry we would just have fun. Have fun, I think we did. The kids were quite relaxed throwing pennies in the fountain, blowing bubbles, hiding, and scaring each other. Of coarse this makes for very candid shots but I think it shows their personalities great. Here is a sneak peak.
Cute little Parker, he's so reserved. I think it shows here.
Quite the contrary, Miss S and her Dad are not reserved at all. It shows in their personalities flawlessly.
We found this cute little walk way, and though I think they were quite done with pictures. They all humored me anyways. I think we got some great shots. Thanks guys!

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Stevenson's said...

It was very painless! You were amazing and so easy to work with. I didn't have any doubt it would be any other way. I LOVE the above pics! Makes me so excited to see the rest. THANK you so much for capturing our family doing what we do best.. playing around and not posing for a camera (for most of them) You were so good with the kids too! Thanks for helping them snap out of it.